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Photo Credit: NBC Universal Media ( Local Musician Paul Pfau Shares His Voice March 24 2015All Photo Rights of NBC Universal Media, LLC. Photo Credit: NBC Universal Media ( “Unreal.” That’s the word local musician Paul Pfau chose to describe his experience on NBC’s The Voice. Although Paul said his farewell on The Voice last night, it surely won’t b... >> Read More
carousel-item-1 Make the Right Choice at A Better Choice Bakery March 17 2015Unless you have been living under a rock, then you have surely heard of the Gluten-Free and Vegan lifestyles that many people are adopting for a healthier diet. While the severity of food allergies can vary from person to person, more and more restaurants and bakeries are striving to ... >> Read More
image Not Your Ordinary Box of Chocolates February 9 2015A couple stood ahead of me in line, holding hands, and perusing the case of brightly decorated chocolate treats. They stood there a few minutes, pointing at different plates of truffles, and delegating which ones to box up and bring home. Once they moved over to the cash register to p... >> Read More
women-empowered-coaching4her Kickstart 2015 With A Wellness Coach February 3 2015Enter Our Contest For A Chance To Win Free Sessions For You And A Friend! It’s that time of year again! Change is in the air and self-improvement is the name of the game, however, many can agree that getting started may be the hardest part. Receiving support from a wellness coach co... >> Read More
Photo Credit Pam Stultz Consignment Stores Melting Prices for Big Winter Blowouts! January 23 2015The winter season is far from over, but that doesn’t mean we are far from finding ample deals on this season’s greatest accessories and fashions! Local consignment shops are dropping their already low prices up to 50% on tremendous finds for winter here in Frederick in order to he... >> Read More