What’s WAT! Frederick Weekend Picks, June 28-30, 2013

School’s out, sun’s up, Frederick is ready to party!

And, by party we mean go to a baseball game or two, catch a film festival, and get really excited about the next episode of the FiND iT Adventure Series.  Oh, and did someone say FREE CUPCAKES?!

Yeah, boyeee!!!

Plan your weekend with us, leave a comment, and get really excited because you may be gifted a cupcake.

Weekend Picks

Weekend Pick 1: 5th Annual Frederick Film Festival is going on at the Weinberg this weekend.  Screen a bunch of awesome movies you maybe never heard of, but will enjoy immensely and tell all of your friends about.  Seriously, people, talented filmmakers show their work here and, if you’re a movie film buff, you won’t be disappointed.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday showtimes available; tickets are available per day or $30 for an all weekend pass.

Weekend Pick 2:  Frederick Keys Baseball.  You know what this is.  But this weekend’s special events include Friday night’s 25th season celebration, Saturday’s Disney night, and Sunday’s faith night featuring a performance by a Christian band.  Every night will be capped with fireworks.  Boom!

Weekend Pick 3: Go to the theater. For a live performance of The Young Olympians at the MET.  Last chance to catch them on stage.  They have shows Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Weekend Pick 4: Don’t plan to leave your house because you’re practicing for a future as a shut-in?  Totally cool, we don’t judge.  How about you let us entertain you with our FiND iT Adventure Series?!  And, give you a cupcake too!  Watch your favorite video and leave a comment on THIS POST telling us what you liked most about the adventure you chose to enjoy!  One lucky commenter will win a free 1/2 dozen cupcakes from Sweet Angela’s Cupcakery in Frederick.  Also, while you’re visiting us on YouTube, go ahead and subscribe to our channel, we have a new adventure in the works for you to enjoy and we can’t wait to share it with you!

Happy weekend-ing!

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