Wednesday’s Woman. Meet Dr.M of Unique Optique.

Think it’s about time to meet a new Frederick woman!

And, just to up the awesome of this whole thing, I decided to go ahead and interview a super cool lady who is a new-ish edition to the Frederick community.

Someone who is funky, and cool, and pretty, and smart all at the same time (yes, it can be done!).

Meet Dr. Maria…

Owner, operator, glasses wearer, and all around eye care guru of Unique Optique!

Her hip new shop, located on Patrick street (right by the Cultural Arts Center, across from the Weinberg, in the artsy part of town where she fits perfectly) is filled with trendy, ultra cool glasses, displays art from local up-and-comers, and is fully equipped with a photo booth to see what those new specs look like to the general population before you make them a part of your face (amazing idea!).

Really fun place to visit.

Plus, if you’re in the market for eyewear and are clueless about how those super cool people manage to look super cool even in glasses, Dr. Maria can help you find the perfect pair for your face!

So, what did Dr. Maria have to say about the 5 WAT! Questions for Women Who Rock?

Read on and see…

WAT:  What are you passionate about?

Dr. M:  I am all about the loves in my life with whom my soul connects, making eye wear and eye care a beautiful and feel good experience, hiking the entire AT in 8 mile intervals, supercool glasses, smoothly-writing pens, cheeseburgers and chocolate éclairs.

WAT: Where does your inspiration come from?

Dr. M:  I am going to embrace the cliché and say ‘everywhere’- videos, magazines, business books, a yoga class, ads, faces, movies, a walk in the woods and my secret box of cool-only-to-me things where I stash all my ideas.

WAT: What do you love about the city of Frederick?

Dr. M:  I love the oddities of Frederick, from the metal statues on people’s porches to the seemingly endless row of Civil War graves in the cemetery to the “buildings” that are actually facades to the photographers who love it so much they post a daily picture to the dynamic magnet art project on the street poles.

WAT:  What do you want people to remember about you?

Dr. M:  That, most of the time, I was smiling.

WAT:  Fun in Frederick?! Where do you go?

Dr. M:  My public answer? I enjoy strolling Baker Park with my dog. My real answer? I like to stalk Obama at Camp David.*

Want to connect more with Dr. Maria & Unique Optique? 

Join her on the Unique Optique Facebook page where she shares some truly interesting and fun stuff pretty much everyday of the week!

*Note to all of the Secret Service agents who read this blog everyday (I know you’re out there), Dr. M is totally not creepy crazy chick.  Promise.  She’s normal.  And cool.  And not a killer.  She’s probably just trying to peek at what Lady Prez is wearing.  I think.

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