What’s WAT!? Frederick, Maryland Events. May 20-22,2011.

Have you visited the FiND iT FREDERiCK website yet?

It looks like this…

Look familiar?

Well it should because it is the most fun site in town for getting to know the community without leaving your comfy house chair!

And, it’s going to be burned in your brain now if you live, work, or frequent downtown Frederick.


Because we’ve taken over the sides of a few good buses in the Frederick public transit system to make sure you don’t forget us!

Cool, right?!

And like every exciting accomplishment we make we’d like to celebrate it with you by offering you a gift!

I know, we’re too sweet.

See a bus with our happy little signage emblazoned across it while you’re going about your day?

Grab the number of that beautifully adorned bus, head over to our Facebook fan page and let us know you FOUND iT!

How easy is that?!

Facebook not the on-the-go social media app of your choice?

That’s cool. 

Feel free to Tweet us, or even better Twitpic us a shot, to @finditfrederick.

WAT! watches our Twitter feed like a hawk so we’ll see it!

Multiple prizes up for grabs all summer long!*

So, don’t despair if it takes you a few weeks to get a glimpse of the awesome.

We’ll wait!

And while you’re looking, why not enjoy some of what Frederick has to offer this weekend as noted on this week’s edition of What’s WAT!?

Friday, May 20, 2011

  • Danceworks, Ballroom and Latin.  Dance party night.  Come get your swing (and foxtrot) on!  Lesson first followed by an opportunity to put what you learn into action.  6pm
  • Wind Down Fridays.  Recurring event at the Maryland Theater in Hagerstown.  Features live music, food, and a cash bar.  Event every Friday, 5-8pm for the duration of the summer.
  • Frederick Keys Baseball Game.  Fireworks night after the game. 7pm. $
  • Cafe Nola.  K-Murdock & Mega Ran.  Live musicL event. $
  • Frederick Coffee Company.  Live music events Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday afternoon.  See site for details.
  • Way Off Broadway.  South Pacific.  Enjoy a meal and a show.  A perfect night out!  See website for times and detailed information. $
  • The MET.  Clockwork Orange.  Enjoy a preview night of the latest play to touch the stage of the MET.  Officially opens Saturday night.  8pm $

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sunday, May 22, 2011

  •  Wine in the Woods.  Looking for a great way to spend a warm afternoon?  Check out one of the biggest wine festivals of the year featuring wine from numerous Maryland vendors (including our own Elk Run), tons of food, local vendors, and musical entertainment.  Two day event starts Saturday and Sunday at noon and closes at 6pm.  $
  • Urbana Library Farmer’s Market.  1-3pm
  • Way Off Broadway Children’s Theater.  3 Little Pigs.  Kids love theater too! Check the site for info about arrival times and show info. $
  • Frederick Keys Baseball Game.  Spend an afternoon at the ball field.  2pm $

Here’s to another busy pretty-much-summer-if-it-would-ever-stop-raining weekend in Frederick and beyond!

Keep up to date by following WAT! on our Twitter stream (@finditfrederick) and by popping over to our Facebook page too!

*We will award 2 winners a month.  Gifts include spa gift cards, baseball game tickets, restaurant gift cards, and more. 

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